Dalian Polytechnic University

Traditional Chinese Culture Salon C Tea Culture Held at DPU

via: Ϣ date: 03/22/2016

On October 28th, tea culture experience, a part of Traditional Chinese Culture Salon, was successfully held at Dayi Tea Room. Traditional Chinese Culture Salon is organized by International Office of DPU and undertaken by Student International Communication Association (SICA), aiming at having international students experience splendid traditional Chinese cultures. Both Chinese students of SICA and international students from South Korea, Indonesia, Guinea-Bissau, and some other countries attended the activity.

     The activity began with the introduction of fascinating and rich Chinese tea cultures. Then a teacher from International Office showed international students how to use tea utensils. With melodious background music, tea sommeliers demonstrated tea performance and taught students procedures of making and tasting tea. With the help from tea sommeliers, students explored tea-making and accomplished the whole procedures. Then they enjoyed the tea they had made and shared their feelings.

Tea culture is originated from China, enjoying more than 4,000 years of history. Through experiencing tea culture in the activity, international students appreciate the profoundness and charms of Chinese cultures, edify themselves, and improve their abilities of inter-cultural communication. SICA will hold series of culture experience activities in the future to popularize traditional Chinese cultures to the world.