Dalian Polytechnic University

2015 Autumn-term Conference to Award Outstanding International Students Successfully Held

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 12/25/2015

¡¡¡¡On December 23, 2015 Autumn-term Conference to award outstanding international students, also New Year Party, was held at conference room of university library. The conference was organized by International Office of Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU, relevant responsible persons of International Office, and relevant teaching faculty were present at the conference. More than one hundred international students from South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Guinea-Bissau and members of Student International Communication Association attended the conference.

¡¡¡¡Conference to award outstanding international students is held annually. It aims to create positive learning environment and joyful living environment for international students.



¡¡¡¡New Year Party began with a short video recording the major events in the term. All international students were amused by the video. Then graduate student Kamal Tariq, the recipient of Liaoning Government Scholarship, sang a Pakistani song. And the impressive singing and dancing performance given by both international and Chinese students made the party joyful and unforgettable.



¡¡¡¡The conference began with the warm New Year Greeting from Professor Wang Sheng, Director of International Office. He first wished all students and teachers a happy new year. Then he congratulated international students on the progress they have made in study and awards they have won in contests. Vice President Ren Wendong awarded ¡°Best Class of the Year¡± Scholarship to Mongolia international students of Class 151, who major in International Economics and Trade. Director Wang Sheng and Vice Director Zhang Yuanyuan of International Office awarded ¡°Outstanding Performance Scholarship¡± to international students.