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International Conference on Chinese and Japanese Cultural & Creative Industry and Regional Innovation successful Held

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 09/22/2015

  On September 22nd, International Conference on Chinese and Japanese Cultural & Creative Industry and Regional Innovation was successfully held at Lecture Hall 323 of School of Fashion. Professor Ge Jiping, Party Secretary of Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU) and Head of China-Japan Communication Group of DPU, attended the conference, addressed the audience, and commented on the speeches. The conference was hosted by Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU. Professor Koezuka Hiroshi, Head of OIC of Ritsumeikan University (RU), Mr. Fujita Juji, President of AJS Corporation, Doctor Koichi Hosoi, Professor of College of Image Arts and Sciences and Vice Director of Art Research Center and Head of Japanese Digital Games Research Association of RU, Professor Pan Li, Head of School of Fashion of DPU, and Professor Li Zhi, Dean of Digital Media Department of School of Art and Design delivered academic reports on the conference. Professor Okumura Youchi, Section Chief of Management Research Department of RU and Director of Medical Management Research Center, on behalf of Japanese attendees, commented on academic speeches.

  Founded in 1900, Ritsumeikan University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Japan. It is located in Kyoto, Japan. As one of the four private universities (Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University) in Western Japan, it is one of the top 10 universities in Japan.

   After speeches, Party Secretary Ge Jiping and Professor Okumura Youchi offered comments on the speeches respectively. Besides comments, Party Secretary Ge Jiping also talked about three points of view. First, cultural creative industry has become a new impetus of economic growth. Second, cultural creative industry research should have a clear function and position. The example of cooperative agreement between DPU and three textile fashion industries has proved that superior resources should be utilized and cooperation between cultural creative industry and local industries should be emphasized. Third, since high quality human resources are more crucial than capital, information, and technology, besides government support, cultural innovation, and marketing, universities with human resources superiority and intellectual resources play an decisive role in the development of cultural creative industry. At last, he hoped that deeper communication between China and Japan could be promoted through holding the conference.

  Professor Li Zhi made speech on the conference. He began with human desires for smoothie communication and history of communication, which led to innovative communication method, Micro Images. Then he introduced the cooperation between DPU and IMA (France).

  Professor Hosoi Koichi made a presentation on the conference. He mainly introduced cultural creative industry and its revitalization in Ishikawa. He also shared three types of Japanese regional cultural creative industry.

  Professor Pan Li made a presentation which was mainly dedicated to industrial clusters of Chinese fashion industry and pertinent facts of fashion industry. She also presented industrial clusters development of Liaoning fashion industry and problems existed in the development, and she also proposed possible solutions to the problems.  

  AJS President Fujita Juji made a speech on the conference. He presented Japanese industrial clusters and predicted changes of fashion industry in the future. He stressed the transition of Japanese industrial clusters and impetus of IT development.

  Then Professor Koezuka Hiroshi had a presentation. In his presentation, he mainly introduced the Japanese Revitalizing Base of Cultural Creative Industry, taking an example of Osaka and its revitalizing strategy and meaning of revitalization.


  In the speech, Party Secretary Ge Jiping extended a warm welcome to the delegations of Ritsumeikan University and UEDA College of Fashion. Then he recalled the first China-Japan International Conference on Cultural & Creative Industry and Innovation in September 2014, the hospitality he had received from Yoshida Mikio, Chancellor of RU, while he was visiting Japan and cooperative agreement signed up between the two universities in April 2015, and the cordial meeting with the delegation of RU when they attended 2015 Summer Davos Economic Forum in Dalian on September 9th, 2015. He pointed out that Chinese economy was in the low speed growth period and development strategy driven by innovation was adopted by Chinese central government. In this circumstance, cultural creative industry is a new impetus which is injected into economic growth. Two types of consumption are needed to motivate economic growth. One is necessary consumption, and the other is creative consumption. DPU should seize the opportunity and make contributions to the development of cultural creative industry. He believed that through communication on the occasion of International Conference on Chinese and Japanese Cultural & Creative Industry and Regional Innovation, both Chinese and Japanese experts would offer intellectual support to the development of cultural creative industry.

  Professor Hiroyuki Yamada, Vice President of UEDA College of Fashion, Mr. Hitoshi Tajima, General Manger and Director of Student Affairs Department of UEDA College of Fashion, and relevant responsible persons and students from concerning schools were present at the conference. The conference is a part of ^Three Stricts and Three Honests ̄ education. It not only aims at promoting international cooperation and prosperity of academic cultures but also provides the university with valid references on the construction of DPU Park of Cultural and Creative Industry.


                      Party Secretary Ge Jiping delivered a speech on the conference