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Joint Campus held 2014 opening ceremony to welcome new students

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 09/12/2014

On the afternoon of Sept. 11th, 2014, the opening ceremony of the joint campus was held in the library hall of the university. Present at the ceremony were Vice president Ren wendong, Dean of Faculty of Business and Law, Prof Jeremy Howells, Associate Dean for Internationalization and Head of Department for International Studies, Dr. Annie Makhoul, Director of Winchester Research Centre, Prof. Jonathan Harris,Head of Department for Fashion and Textiles, John Hopkins, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Mu guangqing, Director of Students Affairs Office Lan hailong, management team and working team of the joint campus and the University of Southampton staff stationed in Joint Campus. Head of Joint Campus Chenyu chaired the ceremony.

President Renwendong spoke at the ceremony. He said: the joint program, combining the strengths of both universities, drawing upon high-quality educational resources from both sides, following an international approach to education and management, is an excellent example of a Sino-Foreign joint program. It has improved our university’s reputation worldwide. President Ren said to students: Firstly, get involved in university life as quickly as possible; develop your capacity for critical thinking; improve your self-study skills; and learn how to collaborate as well as how to think for yourselves. Secondly, get along with your classmates from a variety of backgrounds; expand your horizons, from inside the classroom to outside DPU, from Dalian to all over China, from China to across the globe; develop yourselves into talented professionals with an international outlook. Thirdly, set yourselves a goal and work towards it; manage your time and embrace challenges; develop yourselves into effective communicators with an understanding of both Chinese and western culture.

Dean of Faculty of Business and Law, Prof Jeremy Howells shared a few words of advice with new students and also encouraged students to go to UK for further study and broaden their horizon. Associate Dean for Internationalization and Head of Department for International Studies, Dr. Annie Makhoul announced the list of “the top ten student winners for overall score” and “the top ten student winners for English score”. The new student winners of the joint campus were granted awards.

Fashion Design Module Leader, Mads Ascanius spoke on behalf of academic staff, and Zhangyong Duo and Shensi, representing all of 1st year students, made a speech. They were determined to commit themselves and become creative design professionals.

The new student representatives also offered to Professor Jeremy Howells some Chinese calligraphy gifts which they’ve made themselves.

Vice president Renwendong speaking at the ceremony

Management team and staff from both sides present at the ceremony