Dalian Polytechnic University

Exchange Activities between DPU and SP Held

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 09/30/2015

  Forty-four teachers and students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) visited Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). During their stay, lasting from September 13th to September 29th, they had exchange activities with teachers and students of DPU. They spent a joyful time together.


  On September 14th, a welcome ceremony for SP visitors, which was organized by International Office and undertaken by Student Association of International Communication, was held. Forty-two students of School of Management of DPU attended the ceremony and formed ^one-to-one ̄ language learning partnership with students of SP. After the ceremony, Professor Piao Hefu addressed the visitors on the topic of ^Chinese Economic Development and Dalian Economic Development ̄, which won consistent praise from the audience. Then they had academic communication.  

  On September 15th, students of DPU and SP visited Dalian Somerset Harbor Court, which was arranged by SP. They had discussions on business management, corporate cultures, operation pattern, and some other topics through one to one communication. After the visit, they wrote academic reports.

As Mid Autumn Day was approaching, visitors attended the Mid Autumn Day Party, also Fest of Chinese and Foreign traditional Food on September 23rd. The party was organized by International Office and undertaken by Student Association of International Communication. Teachers and students of SP, international students of DPU, and Chinese students of DPU gathered together to make moon cakes, traditional Chinese dessert for Mid Autumn Day. Visitors from SP also made and served Bak Kut Teh. A warm and friendly atmosphere was created by experiencing Chinese Traditional Cultures, sharing traditional food cultures, and tasting appetizing food.  

  On September 28th, a grand ceremony was held to see visitors of SP off. On the ceremony, teachers and students sang songs together which pushed the ceremony to its culmination.

  Giving full play to characteristics, DPU and SP started the short-term student exchange program in 2009. Students of SP get better understanding on China and Chinese cultures through participating in class observation, academic lectures, field trip, and other activities of the program. And the program promotes cooperation between DPU and SP and strengthens the friendship between China and Singapore.