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2016 ^Chinese Bridge ̄ Competition Held at DPU

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 06/17/2016

  On June 13, Chinese Bridge 2016 Proficiency Competition for Foreigners across the Globe (Dalian Division) was held at Lecture Hall (C) of Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). Mr. Li Shengzhi, Vice President of Dalian Broadcast and Television Station, and Ms. Zhang Yi, Director of Culture and Education News Department of Dalian Daily, were invited to be the chief judges. Before the competition, Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU, met with the film crew from CCTV-4 and the judges. During the meeting, Vice President Ren Wendong first extended a warm welcome to the guests. Then he briefly introduced DPU. He said that it was a great honor to undertake the competition. At last he expected that, on the basis of DPU¨s characteristics in the fields of fashion and art, communication platform could be extended.

  After fierce preliminary contest, 67 international students from 22 universities in Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, Hebei Province, and Shandong Provicne were eligible for competing in Chinese Bridge 2016 Proficiency Competition for Foreigners across the Globe (Dalian Division). The contestants are from more than 30 countries including Germany, Russia, Finland, Ghana, Burundi, and etc.


Contestants participated in the interviews before the competition.

  The contestants presented excellent and impressive performances during the competition. Lin Fumin, an Indonesian international student from Shenyang Normal University, shared anecdotes of Laozi, a well-known philosopher in Spring and Autumn Period and founder of Taoism. During the Talent Show Round, some of the contestants presented mind-blowing musical performance. Maksim, a Russian international student from Liaoning University, played the violin and Sun Fuyu, a Cameroonian international student from Changchun University, played the Erhu, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. All contestants demonstrated their understanding on Chinese cultures and their passions for Chinese cultures.


Contestants showed their talents in the competition.

  The competition ended in warm and friendly atmosphere. Ten contestants, including Chzhao Aleksandr from Harbin Engineering University, Yang Seokhyeon from Dalian Polytechnic University, and Belch Daria Kinga from Ocean University of China, advanced to the finals in Beijing.

    Chinese Bridge 2016 Proficiency Competition for Foreigners across the Globe is organized by China''s Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) in cooperation with China Central Television and undertaken by CCTV-4. The "Chinese Bridge" Competition aims to arouse the enthusiasm of students in various countries in learning Chinese and strengthen the world''s understanding of Chinese language and culture. At present, the competition has become an important platform for college students of various countries to learn Chinese language and learn about China. It builds a communication bridge between young people of China and other countries.

   DPU successfully undertook Dalian Division of the competition. After fierce competition, an international student of DPU advanced to the finals. The success demonstrates the strength and teaching quality of international education of DPU. It also helps to enhance reputation of DPU and enrich extracurricular activities for international students. DPU takes the opportunity to accelerate the internationalization process and expand international communication.