Dalian Polytechnic University

President of UEA Visited DPU

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 04/25/2016

  On April 15th, Mr. Kushida Hiji, President of University of East Asia (UEA) and Mr. Li Chen, responsible person of international exchange programs of UEA, visited Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). Professor Ge Jiping, Party Secretary of DPU, had a cordial meeting with guests. Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU, and relevant responsible persons of International Office, School of Foreign Languages, and School of Art and Design also attended the meeting. And they had detailed discussions on establishing cooperation between the two universities over the meeting.


   Located in Yamaguchi County, Shimonoseki City, University of East Asia is a private university. Founded in 1966, the university is composed of three faculties - Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Medical Science, and Faculty of Art. Faculty of Human Sciences offers a range of courses including clinical psychology, childcare and infant education, and primary education. Faculty of Medical Science offers a variety of courses including clinical technology, emergency and critical care, nutrition management, food hygiene, and sport nutrition. Faculty of Art offers a diversity of courses including animation and video, painting and modeling, visual design, living environment, life management, and clothing and cosmetology.


  During the meeting, Party Secretary Ge Jiping first extended a warm welcome to the visitors. Then he briefly introduced major characteristics and key study fields including light industry, food science, textile, and art. He pointed out that since the two universities shared many similarities in the study fields of food science and art, we had great potential to establish cooperation in the future. He also proposed different cooperation modes including establishing short term teacher and student exchange program, joint exhibition, scientific research collaboration, academic exchange, and etc. At last, he said that internationalization of the two universities could be greatly pushed on through international communication and exchange platform.

  Vice President Ren Wendong first gave DPU President Li Rongde¨s best regards to the guests. In the cooperation discussions, he pointed out that subject setting of UEA was quite practical and was worth being learned. In terms of cooperation between the two universities, he made four proposals. First, cooperation agreement should be signed up between the two universities as soon as possible. Cooperation fields and preferential policy should be clarified in the agreement. Second, professor and professional exchanges should be pushed on positively through establishing relevant research centers or utilizing international platform, so that internationalization of the two universities could be promoted. Third, various cooperation modes of student exchange should be launched. On the condition of credit transfer, cooperation of mixed majors should be initiated. Fourth, two-way exchanges should be encouraged. We welcome teachers and students of UEA visit and study at DPU.    

  President Kushida Hiji first thanked Party Secretary Ge Jiping for the warm welcome that he had received from the university. He said that he was eager to promote substantial cooperation between the two universities. He also said that on the condition of signing up cooperation agreement, teacher and student exchange as well as academic collaboration should be established first. He proposed that different modes of student exchange should be taken such as ^2+2 ̄ program or short term exchange program. He pointed out that since UEA was promoting internationalization, students were recommended to study at international partner universities. He expected that cooperation between the two universities could be deepened through different kinds of cooperation.

  Campus tour was arranged for the guests. They visited School of Art and Design, International Student Apartment, and Language Labs. After the campus tour, they had more faith in establishing cooperation with DPU.