Dalian Polytechnic University

Vice President of JAIST Visited DPU

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 05/01/2016

  On April 26th, Professor Yukari Nagai, Vice President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), visited Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). Professor Ge Jiping, Party Secretary of DPU and Head of China-Japan Communication Group of DPU, met with the visitor. Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU, and relevant responsible persons of International Office, School of Art and Design, School of Fashion, School of Management, School of Foreign Languages, and School of International Education also attended the meeting. The purpose of the visit is to promote further academic and scientific research cooperation between DPU and JAIST through collaboratively building International Research Center of Cultural Creative Industry, and to deepen substantial cooperation between the two universities. During her stay, Vice President Nagai also had consultation with teachers and students who had applied for JAIST. She offered instruction on preparing application documents and answered questions from applicants.


  During her stay, Vice President Nagai also attended the cooperation meeting which was led by Vice President Ren Wendong. Vice President Ren Wendong pointed out that the cooperation between the two universities had a good start. Then he thanked Vice President Nagai for inviting DPU teachers to attend Japanese Academic Conference. He also had detailed discussion with Vice President Nagai on future cooperation, teacher and student exchange programs, attending Dalian Fashion Festival in September, attending International Cultural Creative Forum, building joint scientific research center, and broadening cooperation scales. Vice President Nagai stressed that JAIST attached great importance on international exchange. She also pointed out that since the two universities shared many similarities in study fields, there was great prospect for further cooperation, and she would like to promote the cooperation with every effort. During the meeting, relevant responsible persons of International Office, School of Art and Design, School of Fashion, School of International Education, and School of Management also had detailed discussions with Vice President Nagai and reached agreement.


  Vice President Nagai thanked Party Secretary Ge Jiping for the warm welcome she had received from DPU. She said she had better understanding on this prestigious university through her visits. She also pointed out that long-term cooperation and exchange between the two universities would be established. She highly agreed with the three proposals made by Party Secretary Ge Jiping. And she promised that she would keep promoting cooperation between the two universities, and she would help to build scientific research base with the hope of broadening cooperation scale to more study fields.

  During the meeting, Party Secretary Ge Jiping first extended warm welcome to Vice President Nagai and congratulated her on her promotion. Then he recalled her last pleasant visit with President Asano in 2015. He said that prominent accomplishments of cooperation had been achieved with joint efforts of both sides. In terms of future cooperation, he made three proposals. First, joint programs of mater degree and doctorate should be further promoted. Second, he sincerely invited JAIST to participate in International Academic Conference in September. Ritsumeikan University, Soka University, Bunka Fashion College, and University of Southampton will participate in the conference. Third, DPU should join hands with JAIST in constructing International Research Center of Cultural Creative Industry. Different subjects including art, fashion, management, international education, and foreign languages should be integrated in order to promote the development of industries, academia, and research. Consequently, DPU subject development, scientific research, and talent cultivation will be further enhanced. At last, Party Secretary Ge Jiping asked Vice President Nagai to send his regards to President Asano, and sincerely invited President Asano to visit DPU in September.