Dalian Polytechnic University

President Li Rongde Met with Guest Professor Koga Katsumi

via: Dalian Polytechnic University date: 03/06/2016

  On March 4th, Guest Professor Koga Katsumi, Chairperson of Japan Sea International Exchange Center, visited Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU). Professor Koga Katsumi is honorary citizen of Dalian and Chairperson of Ishikawa China-Japan Friendship Association. Professor Li Rongde, President of DPU, had a cordial meeting with Professor Koga Katsumi. Professor Ren Wendong, Vice President of DPU, and relevant responsible persons of International Office also attended the meeting. The aim of the visit is to confirm the visit of Kanazawa municipal government delegation and promote the cooperation between DPU and Kanazawa College of Art.


  Professor Koga Katsumi thanked President Li Rongde for the warm welcome he had received from DPU. He said it was his great honor to be the first foreign visitor meeting with President Li. He highly spoke of the efforts made by DPU to expand exchange and cooperation between DPU and Japanese universities. Then he introduced the itinerary of Kanazawa municipal government delegation. The visit is scheduled in July, 2016. DPU will be the only university visited by the delegation. Accompanying the delegation, representatives of Kanazawa College of Art will visit DPU and discuss the details of cooperation between the two universities.

  During the meeting, President Li Rongde pointed out that Professor Koga Katsumi was one of the best friends of DPU and the first foreign visitor that he met with in his presidency. Then he expressed his gratitude to Professor Koga Katsumi for the contributions he had made to DPU. President Li Rongde also stressed that people-to-people communication is the foundation of China-Japan communication. He said that as Professor Koga Katsumi had invested a lot of his valuable time and fund in promoting and supporting exchange between China and Japan, he was regarded as ^Messenger of Peace and Friendship ̄. At last, he wished Professor Koga Katsumi good health and welcomed him to visit DPU at any time to support exchange and cooperation between DPU and Japanese universities.



President Li Rongde met with Guest Professor Koga Katsumi